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Paladins tier list

If you are a hardcore gamer, then you are probably no stranger to the importance of tier lists. They are integral to the quality of your gaming experience. We compile lists like the Paladins tier list in order to help you get a clear idea of each playable character’s strength relative to the other characters. These lists are essential for anyone looking to know how viable they are in a very competitive setting during gaming sessions. This kind of lists rose to prominence with the increased popularity of fighting games such as Streetfighter and Mortal Combat, as well as MOBA games like Dota and LoL.

More recently, a new variation of shooter games have become extremely popular and have made extensive use of tier lists; Hero shooters. This type of games requires the players to pick a unique character. Each comes with a set of unique skills, strengths, and weaknesses, hence the importance of a tier list. Our list will give you a complete look at all the characters of this game and will take the guesswork out of the process of picking the characters.

What is Paladins?

Paladins: Champions of the Realm is a hero shooter that made its way to the market this year. Independent video maker Hi-Rez Studios developed it and it uses the Unreal Engine 3. It is available on all major platforms and has received numerous accolades from gamers and gaming media alike. The game has attracted almost a million downloads on Steam. It also finished the year in the top 10 of the most sold games in the year.

How do you play the game?

To start the game, the player has the choice of picking one of a plethora of characters that are referred to as Champions. Each one possesses a set of unique traits and strengths. These champions fall into three different categories; Frontline, Flank, and Damage, and support. Since this is a multiplayer setup, each player will be part of a subgroup within a team. Each of the three requires different strategies, tactics, and approach to the game. For a gaming session to go smoothly and without any hiccups, absolute teamwork needs to be the focus of everyone. Below is a rough introduction of each subgroup to give you an idea of how the game works.

Frontline: This group consists of Heroes and is pretty much the main defensive foundation of the entire team. The characters in this set have very high health and are able to constitute an impregnable shield in the face of enemy attacks.

Support: This group consists of Champions who possess tremendous healing powers. They are a key component of every team since they are the ones responsible for extending their allies’ lifespan and boosting their health when the battle heats up.

Damage: These Heroes possess great attacking prowess and are capable of inflicting a substantial amount of damage during extended battles. They are essential to every team’s attacks and are the difference maker when it comes to prolonged firefights.

Flank: These Champions are especially adept at sneaking up behind the enemy and systematically getting rid of important and critical targets. Despite their low health pools and unimpressive physical strength, their tremendous mobility makes them excellent when it comes to surviving and escaping.

The game modes   

Paladins comes with no less than 8 game modes. Each has its own characteristics and they all offer the immersive and interactive gaming experience that made this title one of the most downloaded games this year. Keep in mind that the developers have removed some modes while others might still undergo significant changes and improvements. Here’s a brief look at some of the modes that the game features.

The deathmatch mode

This is a classic mode that every single hardcore gamer is familiar with. Paladins’ version of it is no different than what you’ve experienced before and the concept is as straightforward as ever: the team with most kills wins the game. The number of kills that wins a team the game is set at 40.

The siege mode

This is the standard mode in the game. It revolves around a race that involves 2 different teams competing against each other for the capture of a central point. Each capture affords a given team with one point and the party that reaches the 4 point mark wins the game.

The onslaught mode

This mode revolves around control. It takes place in a wide area where teams compete over the control of a defined point in the map. Taking control over the area gives the team one point per second while eliminating the enemy hands them 5 points. The game ends after one of the team reaches the 400 points mark within the 10 minutes frame or when a team amasses the highest point tally after it.

The test map mode

This mode lets players check out beta maps that the developers might add to the game later. To that point, the developers rely on the ratings that the players give in order to help determine whether or not the map is suited for the game. They also make sure to fix any issue that the gamers have reported. This mode incorporates the principles and objective of both the siege and Deathmatch modes.

The payload mode

This innovative mode pits two teams against each other. The mode tasks one team with defending a payload as it makes its way through a long railroad track while it requires the other team to prevent them from doing so. The teams switch roads after the payload reaches the final point or after the time runs out, with the winner being the team that has managed to push the payload the furthest. Sadly, the developers removed this mode from the game and replaced it with the Deathmatch mode that we discussed above.

The survival mode

This mode tests the resilience and stamina of each team. The goal is to outlast the opponent in a small map. There is also the added restriction of not allowing any respawning during the round. The mode encourages stalling tactics and is won once a team reaches the five points mark.

How do we structure our Paladins tier list?

The Paladins tier list comes in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. The downloadable file ranks the playable characters and places them in different tiers depending on their abilities and strengths. The highest being the S+ tier and the lowest being the C tier.  Keep reading as we provide a brief overview of the list

Tier S+: This is the absolute elite class in the Paladins tier list. The characters in this tier are the epitome of strength. You can use them effectively regardless of the composition of the team.

Tier S:  These are elite Champions. They are undeniably amongst the strongest characters in the game and are only slightly below the S+ class.

Tier A+: This tier consists of Champions that are strong enough to not warrant any major changes. These characters make up the bulk of team compositions in the game.

Tier A: They’re situated right in the middle when it comes to strength and abilities. The difference between them and the A+ class is basically negligible.

Tier B+:  From this tier and below, the skill of the player will play an important role in determining success with characters. The B+ Champions are good enough for most situations.

Tier B: Champions in this tier are seen as serviceable in some instances. However, they are rarely involved in any serious competitive situations.

Tier C: The lowest of the low, the bottom of the barrel. They offer no competitive value and are essentially worthless

It is important to keep in mind that the champions’ abilities aren’t the be all end all. Even with access to the Paladins tier list, The individual skills of the players are still the main difference maker. A good gamer will always get the best of a mediocre one even with lower tier characters.

What makes our tier lists more comprehensive than the others?

One of the key factors that make this site the ideal source for Paladins tier list is the fact that we keep our lists updated at all times. With the release of each new patch, you can rest assured knowing that we upgrade our rankings to keep it in line with all changes that might occur in the game. We are also open to suggestions and new ideas that might help us improve the way we compile and provide you with the Paladins tier list.

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